About Me

Hello, I'm Mila

I’m a language specialist and Neurolanguage Coach®. I come from the Czech Republic and I’m based in Spain.

I’ve been teaching English since 2012 and have worked with thousands of clients from 6 different countries. I blend language learning with neuroscience and coaching. Since 2018 I’ve been teaching 100 % online and have more than 9000 classes under my belt.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philology and Economics and a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. During my college studies, I taught English in Egypt and China. After my graduation, I moved to Spain where I got my CELTA certificate and worked at an English language academy.

In 2018, I started teaching online for a Chinese company while having my own students. In 2021, I became a certified Neurolanguage Coach® and transitioned from teaching to coaching.

What if I told you there was a better way?

🧠 Are you tired of following language books?
🧠 Do you feel demotivated because you always forget what you’ve learned?
🧠 Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start learning English?
🧠 Do you think you are too old to learn a new language?
🧠 Do you want to learn at your own pace and make your classes cost-effective?
🧠 Do you want to be really involved in your learning process and ‘own’ your sessions?
🧠 Do you want to set your own goals and be able to measure your progress?
🧠 Do you want to explore a brain-friendly and stress-free learning experience?
🧠 Do you want to accelerate your learning experience and create bridges between English and your native language?

NeuroLanguage Coaching® is a completely different approach to traditional language learning. You won’t feel as if you are in class and you will develop long-lasting language skills. I will help you achieve this through powerful brain-friendly conversations.

My strengths

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Czech
  • Russian

'Mila’s classes are very enjoyable. We have a good rapport because she understands my brain. I enjoyed every part of the session.'

– JIM K. (China)

Features of Neurolanguage Coaching®

English language – unique personalized roadmap of your English journey

Coaching – SMART goals, coaching around motivation and commitment, coaching emotional triggers and blocks relating to language, following ICF standards (ethics, guidelines, confidentiality)

Neuroscience – emotional intelligence, psychology, diagnosis of your particular learning style, connecting English to your native language

Neurolanguage Coaching®  – brain-friendly learning, faster and more effective, full autonomy and empowerment, continuous self-awareness and ‘aha’ moments with the language

What are you waiting for?

Ready to reach your full learning potential?

Don’t waste your precious time attending general English courses and trying to figure out how to apply what you’ve learned in real life. 

In my courses, you will learn English in real life scenarios so that you can apply it right away.


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