About Me

Hello, I'm Mila

I’m a language specialist and Neurolanguage Coach®. I come from the Czech Republic and I’m based in Spain.

I’ve been teaching English since 2012 and have worked with hundreds of clients from 6 different countries. I blend language learning with neuroscience and coaching. Since 2018 I’ve been teaching 100 % online and have more than 10,000 classes under my belt.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philology and Economics and a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting. During my college studies, I taught English in Egypt and China. After my graduation, I moved to Spain where I got my CELTA certificate and worked at an English language academy.

In 2021, I became a certified Neurolanguage Coach® and started to implement elements of coaching in my lessons.

In 2022, I joined the team of tutors at Virtuální jazykovka.


'Mila’s classes are very enjoyable. We have a good rapport because she understands my brain. I enjoyed every part of the session.'

– JIM K. (China)

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